Amino 1900

Servings: 27Price: Rs 950

Size: 110 tabs

Whey protein hydrolysates yield some of the highest quality peptide-bonded amino acids available. Studies show that di- and tri-peptides are more rapidly assimilated and utilized by working muscle than either free form aminos or whole, intact proteins such as conventional whey protein powders. Amino 1900 fuels your muscles with 1900mg of peptide-bonded whey hydrolysates per tablet and comes enhanced with special digestive enzymes and Vitamin B6. When it comes to filling your muscular pipeline with valuable aminos to kick start protein synthesis, reduce protein catabolism, and improve nitrogen retention, Amino 1900 is the answer.


BCAA Pro - 100 Caps

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Amino 1900

Servings: 27 Rs 950


Servings: 30 Rs 1,800

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Servings: 30 Rs 1,600 is a Registered ™ of Elite Nutrition & Consultant Ltd

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